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     Dr. Claire Kelly has always been fascinated by the Labrador Retriever breed and has owned Labradors for over 30 years. Growing up watching dog shows like Westminster, Crufts, and The AKC Nationals fueled the dream of raising and showing top quality Labradors.

      After moving to Arkansas in 2005, she had the honor of owning an amazing Labrador from Mtn Meadow Labradors. Ty was a life-changer for Claire. It was the dedication to temperament, conformation, and function that Ty embodied that drove Claire to get involved.

      Claire befriended Pam and Gerald Harvey of Mtn Meadow Labradors. Pam took Claire under her wing and began mentoring her towards breeding and showing such amazing dogs. Claire began by breeding alongside the Harveys using Mtn Meadow foundation stock in 2015. She began showing dogs in 2016 and now has several AKC champion, and champion pointed dogs.

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